Since our inception in the 90’s, Urban Waterproofing has strived to be the best company we can be in all respects.  Last year we decided to undertake a process called a Painted Picture to better define who we are and where we want to go.  This is what we came up with.


Painted Picture is a vision of the future of your business. It allows you to remove yourself from the “now” and to imagine where you would like to see your business in a few years. The idea is to get creative and imaginative, to forget about the how and focus on the where.

The purpose of the picture is to provide everyone associated with the company with a clear picture of where we want to be in three years. How do we get there? That’s up to the creativity and talent of the team. The picture enables the team to exercise their own judgement and skill by providing a common vision of where the company wants to be.

We put it on paper so that we would be faithful to constantly work to fulfill its mandate. It is easy in the course of daily business to focus on immediate needs, to the detriment of the long-term mission of the company. Our Painted Picture is a reminder and benchmark of what Urban Waterproofing is and can be. It is not the company you are working with  or joining now, but the company we hope to create with your help.

We present this Painted Picture to you as a potential new employee, client, vendor, subcontractor or associate with Urban Waterproofing because we want you to know what type of company you will be working with, what our goals are, and what we expect the company to be in the future. Most importantly, we want you to understand our vision so that you can become an active force in making it a reality.


Our project management team is highly motivated to deliver fantastic customer service; they work as an efficient team to safely produce top quality work.  We do not compromise our hiring standards for seasonal upticks in business.  Our highly trained team members are proactive on the job, and we notify our customers of any building issues that they would want to know about.


Every employee at every level of the company knows that safety is a top priority.  Each of us understands what specific steps we must take in our respective roles to insure the safety of both employees and the public.


Our employees embrace our core values and culture.  We have very little turnover, but always strive to have the best team in place at all times.  We navigate the myriad laws and regulations to ensure HR compliance.  We are close partners with the unions that represent our employees.  We understand that the best team is the one whose members work well together.


We build close, long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with vendors and subcontractors.  We actively aim to work with companies that share our core values.


We work hard to earn and maintain our customer’s trust.  Our niche is large production jobs where high quality and premium service are valued.  Our companies have a healthy stream of work and our customers are completely satisfied with their experience and are eager to use us on their next project.


Our growth is carefully managed to maintain a balance of stability, profitability, ease of operations and long term viability for our staff and clients’ benefit.  We strive to create the best possible organization through growth and development in all aspects.


Our work space is unique.  It is inviting and artistic.  It inspires teamwork and promotes people’s best work, and we are proud of it.  We understand the important role that IT plays in our productivity, and actively deploy technologies that enhance our operations


The finance department monitors, forecasts and provides management with critical financial information in an efficient, timely and accurate manner.  Assets are safeguarded and costs carefully controlled so that employees and vendors are paid in an accurate and timely fashion.