Protective Wall Coatings

A key element in waterproofing a structure is the outer membrane.

Functional beauty.

Protective wall coatings are an integral component of a complete building envelope system. Besides sealing all of the joints, porous materials like concrete need to be sealed to prevent moisture incursion. Urban Waterproofing often applies elastomeric coatings as part of a complete waterproofing program. Both highrise and stucco structures benefit from a finish that is cosmetic, but also durable and flexible enough to act as a moisture barrier.

Keys to a successful project…

Before the start of any coating project, adhesion tests must be conducted using preparation techniques required for specific products and project conditions.  A variety of test methods can be employed.  A successful adhesion test will give the project team the assurance that the new coating system will adhere and perform as expected.

Thorough inspection and preparation of the substrate will ensure that the coating will bond and protect the building substrate.  Dirt, oils, moisture, and other contaminants that can interfere with a proper bond of the new coating system must removed.
The coating cannot be too thin or too thick.  If the coating is too thin, functionality and longevity is compromised;  if too thick, breathability and elasticity are affected.  Proper application of wall coating systems is both and art and science.
We take steps to make sure coating is applied ONLY to surfaces intended to receive coating.  Careful removal of masking is very important to make sure the coating that bridges the masking line is not torn or damaged.  Where furniture or belongings can’t be moved, they will be covered and protected.
At all transitions and areas where sections of coating need to be interconnected, we make sure to provide a generous overlap to ensure a strong bond between the two sections.  Coating termination can often be the weakest link in a coating system, they need to be carefully detailed, to make sure edges are properly resolved and protected.

Services we provide include…

  • Silicone Elastomeric Coating

  • Acrylic Elastomeric Coating

  • EIFS Finish Coat

  • Hydrophobic Coating

“While performing waterproofing repairs Urban ran into an unforeseen existing condition. They brought the issue to my attention right away with a proposed solution we could agree on. As a result, they were able to proceed with the work and additional scope without any delays”

Michelle Mansfield, Swift Real Estate Partners