Self-cleaning wall coating will keep your building clean and protected.

StoLotusan Color is a unique self-cleaning facade paint, suitable for masonry and rendered surfaces. Its superhydropphobic properties make dirt unable to cling to the surface, so every time it rains the facade is washed clean.

The noteable benefits of this coating system are:

  • Very high level of water- and dirt-repellent
  • Highly resistant to soiling, pronounced self-cleaning effect
  • Resists the growth of mold, mildew, and algae
  • Excellent weather and chalk resistance, UV-stable
  • Ideal for new construction and re-coat projects over concrete, stucco, EIFS, and fiber cement board and primed or pre-painted wood substrates
  • High water vapor permeability
  • Smooth matte (flat) surface
  • Available in virtually any color including custom color matches
  • Can be recoated with traditional acrylic based paints