Starting up work on an iconic San Francisco landmark


The Transamerica building is a 50 story office building clad in precast concrete panels with a quartz aggregate finish.  3 years ago Urban repaired, cleaned and sealed the webbing column and beams at the bottom of the building, up to the fifth floor.  We are back now to do floors 5 through 50.

The work includes devising an engineered temporary access system, precast concrete spall repair to match the quartz finish, epoxy injection at through panel cracks, surface crack repair, caulking inspection and spot repair, weather seal at some windows, cleaning the entire building and applying a waterproofing sealer.

The pyramid shape of the building requires custom made engineered access equipment.  A cable stabilization system at each of the four corners is being installed using a specially fabricated corner rig that hugs the shape of the building.   Conventional swing stages rigs are being adapted so they can move horizontally side to side by tying on to these corner cables.  Pedestrian protection and canopies is being setup on the plaza below the building.