Project Description

In leiu of a complete replacement of the stucco system, which was experiencing many failures, allowing water to enter the wall cavity and interior spaces, Simpson Gumpertz and Heger designed a silicone barrier system instead.  Before the walls were coated with silicone elastomeric coating, new custom saddle flashings were installed, new roof coping and blocking was installed, and all fenestrations and reveals were caulked.

An adjacent parking garage was included in the repair program, beginning with replacement of the mechanical expansion joint between the parking deck and main building. The grout joints between the small CMU block units on the exterior garage walls were repointed,  and two structural beams that were experiencing severe cracking were repaired using the Sika concrete fiber wrap system.

Finally, the top and mid levels of the parking deck were shotblasted and coated with Neogard urethane traffic coating.

Consultant: Simpson Gumpertz and Heger