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Self-cleaning wall coating will keep your building clean and protected. StoLotusan Color is a unique self-cleaning facade paint, suitable for masonry and rendered surfaces. Its superhydropphobic properties make dirt unable to cling to the surface, so every time it rains the facade is washed clean. The noteable benefits of this coating system are: Very high [...]

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Transamerica Pyramid ’16

Starting up work on an iconic San Francisco landmark   The Transamerica building is a 50 story office building clad in precast concrete panels with a quartz aggregate finish.  3 years ago Urban repaired, cleaned and sealed the webbing column and beams at the bottom of the building, up to the fifth floor.  We are [...]

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Work together…work safely.

This week, Urban employees attended an On-Site Health & Safety first aid & CPR training. During this training, Urban employees learned crucial information about dealing with emergency situations.  The training covered everything from minor emergencies such as dealing with burns, eye injuries and allergic reactions to major emergencies such as seizures,  heart attacks and strokes. Employees were [...]

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